1. There is no keynote speaker in 2021, but that will return in 2022.

2. There is no agent or editor, and therefore no agent or editor meetings, in 2021 but those faculty positions will return in 2022.

3. There are very limited opportunities for manuscript review. We’re very sorry about that, but you’ll have more of an opportunity in 2022.

4. Manuscript reviews might be entirely written in 2021, with no “face to face” interaction with the reviewer. Again, that will change in 2022.

5. You can attend every single event in the 2021 conference as none of the events or classes overlap.

6. There will be an online sign-up for the Open Mic which will be in the evening on Monday, May 17th. Anyone will be able to attend, including members of the public.

7. There will be “open cohort” networking opportunities during the 2021 conference. These will be during lunch and “happy hours” so that you can meet people interested in the same type of writing that you are. You will be able to move from “room” to “room” if need be.