Diane Ackerman


The Zookeeper’s Wife

One Hundred Names for Love

Dawn Light

Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New and Selected Poems



The Human Age

An Alchemy of Mind

Cultivating Delight

I Praise My Destroyer

Deep Play

A Slender Thread

Rarest of the Rare

A Natural History of Love

The Moon by Whale Light

A Natural History of the Senses


Kazim Ali


Silver Road

The Secret Room

Uncle Sharif’s Life in Music

Bright Felon

Fasting for Ramadan


Martha Amore

In the Quiet Season


Barrie Jean Borich

Apocalypse, Darling

Body Geographic


Janet Lee Carey

In the Time of Dragon Moon


The Beast of Noor

Dragon’s Keep

The Double Life of Zoe Flynn


Rich Chiappone

Liar’s Code

Opening Days

Water of Undetermined Depth


Jamie Ford

Love and Other Consolation Prizes

Songs of Winter Frost

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet


BJ Hollars

The Road South

Flock Together

From the Mouths of Dogs

This is Only a Test


In Defense of Monsters


Erin Hollowell

Every Atom

Pause, Traveler


Ishmael Hope

Rock Piles Along the Eddy


Christian Kiefer


One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide

The Animals

Infinite Tides


Nancy Lord


Rock, Water, Wild

Early Warming

Green Alaska


Beluga Days

The Man Who Swam with Beavers


Rosemary McGuire

Rough Crossing

Creatures at the Absolute Bottom of the Sea


Elena Passarello

Animals Strike Curious Poses

Let Me Clear My Throat


Tess Taylor

Work & Days

The Forage House