Conference registrants can sign up at the conference’s information table for one, 15-minute one-on-one appointment with an agent or editor to discuss a book idea or their work. (Limited number of appointments available.)

These meetings are meant for you to discuss a book idea or your work – query letters or story outlines/summaries/writing sample only – not for a full manuscript review. 

  1. Time-slot sign-up with conference table staff; first come, first-served.
  2. Rehearse ahead of time in order to stay within strict 15-minute limit.
  3. Plan on a brief discussion of your idea and/or a combination of a brief overview of an outline or short writing sample (1-3 pages and 2 paragraphs for style).
  4. If you have an outline or short writing sample, plan on about 5 minutes for the reviewer to then read through it and comment.

Some ideas for your session:

One of the best things to bring is simply a query letter. The query letter needs to contain everything–in a nutshell. It has to be well-written and compelling, and contain clear and concise descriptions of the book’s content, the author’s qualifications, and the market.

Or Write a letter (not to exceed one page) describing the project. If fiction, the letter is enough, if non-fiction, include an outline if you have it. Try to give comparable titles.