We are pleased to give participants the opportunity to showcase their own work.  The processis designed to offer as many people as possible a chance to read. Please read this information carefully to help the event move smoothly and professionally.

1) Sign up for ONE time slot at the conference table in the lobby. If you read at the conference last year, please sign up on the WAITLIST, even if there is room. Preference is given to readers who have not participated in the Open Mic last year.  Open mic readings will be held at 12:30 p.m. Saturday and 11:30 a.m. Monday. If all slots are full, you can add your name to one of the waiting lists.

2) All readers must fill out the attached Reader Information form and return it to the registration desk by 10 a.m. SaturdayThose who do not meet this deadline will NOT be reading. Please write legibly on the form.

THOSE ON THE WAITING LIST FOR EITHER DAY: Please fill out the Reader Information form and turn it in by 10 a.m. on Saturday.

3) You must limit your reading to a MAXIMUM of 3 minutes. This will be strictly enforced, and you will be interrupted if you exceed your time. We want to provide this opportunity to as many participants as possible. By honoring the 3-minute limit, you will leave the audience with a good impression of you and your work. Thank you for your understanding.

4) Time your piece beforehand by reading it aloud to save yourself the embarrassment of being cut off. If it’s over the limit, choose the most dynamic section rather than worrying about reading the entire piece. If it’s compelling, the audience will not care if it’s the whole story.

5) Format for the readings: Make note of the name of the reader ahead of you. When that person goes to the podium, move to the front of the room and be ready for your turn. Our moderator will introduce you and read the information from your completed form. This gives you the full 3 minutes to devote to your reading.

6) Many conference presenters attend this reading. We also encourage you to stay for the entire event.

A final word of encouragement:  Your work can stand alone . . . REALLY. 

Please don’t feel it’s necessary to use any of your time to make explanations or apologies. Just get up there and read. Have a good time!