Professionals in the business will analyze the first page from book-length fiction, poetry, and nonfiction manuscripts written by conference attendees, giving an honest reaction to the first page of a novel, the first page of a proposal for a nonfiction book, or the first page of a nonfiction book. Each will explain why the page at hand would encourage him or her to read more or not in the context of his or her job. Teachers, agents, developmental editors, and editors at large and small houses have various expectations and constraints, but responses will cover how “saleable” the book/writing appears, viability at a publishing house, writing issues, etc.

The writers will be anonymous, and each first page will be discussed for 5-10 minutes. Attendees who wish to have their work considered must submit a first page by May 1st. All submissions must be double-spaced and in 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins. Email First pages representing a variety of types and qualities will then be selected to be distributed and publicly evaluated. Writers should submit only if they are willing to have their work publicly, openly, and anonymously critiqued.