Finding Tutka Bay

Christian Kiefer


Participate in a special, unique workshop at the internationally recognized, award-winning Tutka Bay Lodge across Kachemak Bay.  Inspiration, presentation, and a truly enchanting environment make the Tutka Bay Lodge a perfect place to focus on your writing.


Finding Tutka Bay

This post-conference workshop will focus on generating new material– sequence of poems, an essay, a short story—linked to the workshop’s location at Tutka Bay. We will complete a series of generative activities and participants will be encouraged to work outside their conformable genres to experience what can come from fleeing one’s comfort zone (although also—write what you want!). We’ll talk at length about nature, the wilderness, what it means to be human, plant, and/or animal, and how to express specific kinds of experiences in your writing. Our hope is that by the end of the 2 days, you’ll have a solid draft of something new.


Double/Triple-occupancy, shared charming cabins with bath


Meals will be provided by Lodge staff


June 18: Depart Homer Boat Harbor by boat taxi at 4:00pm, arrive at Lodge at about 4:45pm.
June 20: Depart Lodge at 4:00pm; arrive in boat harbor at about 4:45pm.


There is a limit of 15 participants; first -come, first-served. Minimum enrollment is 8.
Complete and submit registration in advance and preferably at the time of general conference registration. This post-conference workshop is only available to conference registrants.

Special Fee (in addition to conference fee):

$400 (includes housing, food, boat taxi: gratuity not included). Co-sponsored by the Tutka Bay Lodge.

Other activities:

Unwind after workshop sessions; kayaking; tide pooling; walk on the trails or relax on the deck.