Conference registrants can sign up at the conference’s information table for one, 15-minute one-on-one appointment with an agent or editor to discuss a book idea or their work. (Limited number of appointments available.)

1. Sign-up with conference table staff on specific sign-up sheet. There are a limited number of slots available. Be sure to sign up as soon as you check into the conference as they fill up quickly.

2. Rehearse ahead of time in order to stay within strict 15-minute limit.

3. Plan on a brief verbal discussion of your idea or work in progress.

4. If you have an outline, plan on about 5 minutes for the reviewer to then read through it and comment.

Some ideas for your session:

This is NOT a manuscript consultation. If you are interested in showing someone your manuscript, please sign up for a manuscript review.

One of the best things to bring is simply a query letter. The query letter needs to contain everything–in a nutshell. It has to be well-written and compelling, and contain clear and concise descriptions of the book’s content, the author’s qualifications, and the market.